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     That's me, the handsome guy in the picture to your left. I was born in Seattle, Washington, and lived there for three days until my mother recovered enough to move us home to Renton. Forty-seven years later, my blushing bride (That's her in the picture. Isn't she adorable?) and I moved across the state to Spokane, where we live with our only remaining child, Copper the Wonder Poodle. 

     I am a Christian, a firm and committed believer in Jesus, and my picture books reflect that. My novels, however, are not Christian novels. Instead, they are Christ-honoring. That means I write great stories about real people, with all their flaws and foibles, without resorting to obscenities or unnecessary graphic details.


Here are a few additional and ridiculously compelling details about me: 

- I have five sons, one daughter, and 8 grand-kids (so far)

- I love to fish, even though I totally suck at it

- My boat's name is The Big Bobber, but I call him Bob for short

- I love cookies! They are the perfect food. They come in small servings and can be

made  with almost any fruit, vegetable or tasty confection known to man

- I consider macaroni-and-cheese its own food group

- I love eating and I love cooking, but mostly I love eating other people's cooking

- I drove truck for 22 years; now I am a Certified Nurse Aid - it's messier than

driving, but ultimately more satisfying at the end of the day.



Daniel W. Shegrud


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