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by Daniel W. Shegrud


7:27 ticks into place. 

“Awake!  Arise!  Embrace!  Enthuse!”

it seems to shout at me.

Ever the obedient servant of time,

I accept the summon with a minimum of grumbling

And arise.

On the other side of the window the sun is shining,

the air is clear, the sky is vast.

“Amazing,” I gasp.

“Yes?” Amazing replies.

“Oh, excuse me," I say.

"I didn't see you standing there.”

“Perspective,” Amazing nods.

“It’s tricky that way.”


Sneaking a last, lingering look outside,

I turn to the pile in the corner.

“I need to do laundry.”

Amazing cocks an eyebrow. 

“May I join you?”


Together we sort.

Colors, whites,

towels, and such.

“What should we wash first,” I ask.

“Whites,” Amazing decides,

and we stuff them in.

“They all fit – amazing!”

“Yes,” Amazing agrees. 

“Dishes?” I ask.

“Love to.”

Together we labor, until the sink is

empty, clean, and dry.

“Amazing!” I shout

“Right here,” Amazing responds.

Moments later, my bicycle calls to me. 

“Ride me! Ride me now!” it bids.

“Bike ride?” I ask.

“Indeed,” says Amazing.

Together we ride, passing people connected

to dogs, to music, to each other,

and all reveling in the cool morning brightness.

“Amazing!” I cry.

“Yes," Amazing laughs. "I see."

We roll by patchworks of manicured lawns,

slopes of windswept grass, hills of jumbled

granite snuggled between the greens of spring.


“I think so too.”

We ride until my legs are tired and my heart

is full, then we park the bike and

stand together in my garage, taking it all in.

“How do you feel?” Amazing asks.

“Amazing!” I say. 

“Thanks for showing it to me.”

“Happy to be of service,” says Amazing.

“And the funny thing is,” I tell Amazing,

“I didn’t even see it coming.”

“Perspective,” Amazing nods. 

“It’s tricky that way.”


A seedling pushes its way up to the

surface of my fertile mind and blossomes

into something with the pleasing

fragrance of wisdom.

“Perspective is amazing!” I declare.

“Yes, it is," Amazing tells me, "and it's yours to keep.”

Then placing his gift in my hands,

to use as I see fit,

Amazing moves on.  

Copyright Daniel W. Shegrud 2014, All Rights Reserved

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