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Stay out or go in?

The choice is yours.

     Imagine you are hungry and far from home, in a neighborhood of strangers. A storm is raging and you need shelter. If you knock on a door, will they take you in? Will they run you off?

     You've been hurt before. You don't want to be hurt again. But the storm is getting worse.

    What do you do?

    Wrapping fear around you like a cloak, you do nothing. You don’t knock on doors. You don’t ask for help. Instead, remembering the times you were rejected, you stand out in the rain and curse the people who are safe and warm in their homes.

    Then someone opens a door and extends his hand. He invites you to come in, to eat with him at his table, to sit with him by his fire, to find shelter with him in his home.

    Your first instinct is to run, but you are so cold. You are so hungry. Do you stay our or go in?

What will you choose?


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