My Lord, My God

By Daniel W. Shegrud


My Lord, my God, my father, my friend.

Unequaled are you among men. 

Immeasurable are you by man.


Infinitely greater than I and yet you see me.

Infinitely wiser than I and yet you love me.


The universe is your play toy, a minor bauble,

an insignificant expanse,

And yet I am counted as your treasure,

Embraced as your lover, adopted as your heir.


I am the least of the least, the lowest of the low,

unworthy of even your smallest notice,

And yet through Christ, My brother, my Redeemer,

I am spotless in your sight

And seated with the highest of the high.


Search me oh Lord. 

Tear down the strongholds in my soul

That stand against you. 

Make me a useful tool to build your kingdom,

A beautiful instrument for your praise and glory.

Copyright Daniel W. Shegrud 2014, All Rights Reserved