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And This is Love... Cookie Style

There's a lady at our church who carries on, with faithfulness and determination, a ministry that touches my life and heart every week. She makes cookies. Several varieties. Every week.

Each Sunday, I arrive and head straight for the back counter where I know I'll be blessed once again. The container this lady brings might hold chocolate chip cookies, snickerdoodle cookies, Iced sugar cookies, peanut butter cookies, molasses cookies (the cookies in the picture are actual cookies made by her this very week.) Sometimes it even holds her coveted oatmeal raisin cookies, which are not only welcomed with joy, but also quite useful. I frequently don't eat breakfast before leaving the house on Sundays and those oatmeal raisin cookies provide me with all the nutrition I need.

Every week, she faithfully bakes up a storm, and she does it because, at some point, she asked herself an important question. The question in question? How can I show love for my Savior in a way that blesses his children? The answer, which I'm sure came straight from Heaven, was to bake cookies. Oh, sure, she does many other things in the name of love, but this one thing touches me every week. Not only me, but it also serves to make every new attendee feel welcome and blessed.

Though I consider cookies the most perfect of all foods, a cookie, in the end, is just a cookie. However, a cookie offered as a ministry of love is a blessing beyond compare.

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And This is Love...

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