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And This Is Love... Moving-In Style

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

My brother, Tim, recently moved from western Washington to Eastern Washington. He called and asked if I would drive two hours to his new place to help him unload the moving van. I told him I'd be there. I may be 61 and grossly out of shape, but I can still lump boxes and hoist couches.

Mary and I got to Tim's new house a little early. Shortly after, Tim arrived. I thought it would be just the two of us doing all the work. When I asked if he expected anyone else, he said he called the bishop of the church he plans to attend and asked for help. The bishop said he'd see what he could do. My first thought was that the bishop obviously couldn't do much, as no one was there.

Then the first person showed. And then the next. And then the next. And so on until we had 12 or 13 men and women on site and ready to help. They not only showed up in force, but showed with open hearts and willing hands. I was impressed. My brother was blown away.

People coming together to serve a stranger when a need is known - that is what love looks like in Warden, Washington.

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And This is Love...

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