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And This is Love... Shopping Cart Style

My client and I went to Walmart today. As usual, when shopping, I pushed his wheelchair with one hand and the shopping cart with the other. This gets a little tricky when maneuvering the crowded aisles or turning corners. We manage, though, and with a little courtesy from the other shoppers, we get the job done.

Today, as we checked out, I juggled the goods, the cart, the wheelchair, and the bags, proving to everyone watching how adept I am. One lady, however, standing directly behind in line with her husband, saw the struggle for what it was and stepped forward after we had paid. Handing her purse to her husband and requesting he take care of checking out, she asked if she could push the cart out to our car. I accepted.

At the car, she loaded our groceries in the back while I helped my client load up in front. She then took the cart away with her and went to find her husband.

She didn't sacrifice anything in her effort, and she didn't exert herself to a herculean degree. She merely saw an opportunity to help, and she didn't shy away from it. And THAT was love.

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And This is Love...

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