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And This is Love… Traffic Style!

It’s snowing in Spokane. Compact snow and ice cover all the roads, and the drivers are going slow.

At this stoplight, something has gone wrong. The north and south main lines have flashing yellow lights. The east and west side streets have flashing red light. Traffic is heavy at this time of day and a lot of cars are trying to come off the side streets into the main line.

Usually, since they have the right-of-way, drivers with a flashing yellow don’t slow down or stop. In this case, it became evident to all drivers that, if the usual happened, the side street drivers would never get to go.

As proof of the love residing in each heart, the main line drivers, without any consultation or discussion, began treating the flashing yellow light as a flashing red, giving the side street drivers chance to go. This continued for hours until the light got fixed.

Well done, Spokane. What I saw impressed me

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And This is Love...

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