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What Was I Thinking?!

Okay, so I got treated to love the other day. I was shopping...

...wait, first, I need to tell you my beautiful Hondo Odyssey van, Hiho Silver (because he is silver) blew up the two weeks ago. A ring or something went bad in the engine and it needs to be rebuilt. Autonation Honda has it now and they are fixing him. While he's in the shop, they loaned me a car, the white one in the picture.

Okay, so I was shopping, and when I came out, I went out to the white car, pressed the button on the key fob, unlocking it, and loaded up all my bags. After sitting in the driver's seat I pressed the start button. It's one of those cars that has no key, just a fob, and you have to press a button to start the car. It wouldn't start. I pressed again and again and nothing so I called the Honda shop and told them the problem and they sent someone out to fix it for me.

While I waited, a lady opened my driver's door and said in a kind voice "Excuse me. I think you're in the wrong car." I told her I wasn't and I knew because the door unlocked when I pushed the fob button. She didn't argue or accuse and stayed pleasant through the whole conversation. She said maybe I meant to get into that other white car, and she pointed it out three spaces down. It was identical in every way to the car I sat in. I pressed the fob button and its lights flashed. I went over to it and noticed my coat in the back seat. I had been in the wrong car. The lady never got angry or confrontative. She laughed and said not to worry about it. She then helped my carry all my bags over and wished me Merry Christmas.

That lady showed what love looks like and I appreciated it.

Oh, yes. I called the Honda guys back and they thought it was funny and called off the guy coming to help.

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