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The Joy of Angela

by Daniel W. Shegrud


I saw a baby today, replete with folds of lace and satin,

Lying in a solid cradle, cushioned on all sides with soft, white pillows

And rocked gently forever by His hand.


Her little eyes were sweetly shut, her mouth was quiet and set.

Her hands no longer moved in earthly ways.

Her mind was silent, her heart was still,

Her tabernacle prepared for lasting rest.


But her spirit, oh her spirit, how it soars.

Like a flower that blooms in the glow of a brighter light,

Hers is the sky, the oceans, the fields, but more, so very much more.


In joyful existence she will prosper,

In perfect light she will grow.

In patient expectation she will prepare the

Mansions reserved for future arrivals of love.

And then how wonderful will be her childhood,

How great will be the joy of Angela.


I saw a baby today, so patient in her peace,

And in that child I saw my own eternity.


In memory of Angela Hess, November 3 – December 1, 1986

Copyright Daniel W. Shegrud 1986, All Rights Reserved

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