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And This is Love... Sushi Style

Running on a severe time crunch, I raced into Fred Meyers on a grapefruit run. The hot deli is located next to the produce section. On a whim, I decided to check it out and saw the sushi counter. Yummy!

Three young ladies stood in front of the sushi trays, discussing their selection. Being in a hurry, I gently interrupted their debate, told them my wife is allergic to cucumbers, and asked if they saw any sushi trays without them. Eager to help, they looked at the selections and picked one out for me. I accepted it without perusing it, thanked them, and left.

A couple minutes later, the young ladies tracked me down. They said they had looked closer at an identical tray and discovered it had lots of cucumbers in it. One of the girls handed me a different tray and told me it had no cucumbers at all. I switched trays with them, thanked them, and went to check out, thankful for and amazed by what they had done.

They didn't know me and had no reason to care about me once I walked away, and yet they took the initiative to verify their selection, find me, and correct the error. Would I have doubled-checked on someone else's behalf? I like to think I would, but I can't be sure. What I can be sure of is that three teenagers, total strangers, demonstrated what love looks like at the sushi counter. Nothing fishy about that.

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And This is Love...

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